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We are not designed to walk through life alone. James 5:16 tells us that our healing comes through our confession, and prayer for one another. Cross Recovery is a safe place for you to walk out your healing God’s way and restore you to the place God intended. No matter how long or how painful your journey has been, you can find freedom and healing at the Cross! If you or a friend is struggling with any of the things listed below, please contact the church office at (209) 529-7346. Help is closer than you think.
Life Controlling Addictions:
Alcohol, drugs (including prescription), anger, pride, lust, greed, and envy are all life-controlling addictions that may be linked to generational curses.
Codependency: an adrenalin addiction caused by living in chaos; people pleasing; wanting to control people and environment to “help” them.
Sexual addictions, pornography and eating disorders can have roots in emotional, physical, or sexual abuse.
Overworking, gambling, overspending, smoking, and compulsive exercise appear to be the result of bad habits.
SIN is like a tornado in our lives, which has the potential to destroy us. When we are trapped in the bondage of sin, we become plagued with fear and guilt, which oftentimes results in depression, spiritual darkness, and isolation from others. Just like a tornado that has finished running its course ruins everything in its path – destroyed homes and lives – creating years of difficult work for people to rebuild their lives, so too is the person who allows sin to rule their life. It leads them onto a destructive path.
If your life has been destroyed by the devastating effects of sin and has left you feeling as if a tornado of sin has you trapped in the center of its powerful vortex, you may think it is impossible for you to escape, but it’s not!
Acknowledging all substance abuse/drug addiction as sin is an addict’s only real hope for recovery. Once we acknowledge and confess our addictions as sin, we can then repent and receive forgiveness as well as cleansing and overcoming power for all of life’s situations.

Pastor Rich Villafana
Ministry Director

CROSS Recovery:

Meets every Thursday night at 6:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall. Child care is available for all ages at Kidspace. For more information call the church office, 529-7346 ext 282.

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