The House Network of Churches

We are a network of churches with a tremendous destiny and calling to reach our cities for Christ.
There are many aspects found in church growth, but success is found in the people. We welcome
you, we need you, and you are important to our network family. We are here to help you realize
your dream of a thriving church, and together, fulfill the Great Commission.

Do you Desire…
• An increase of power in your church?
• A spiritual father to guide and help you through hard times?
• Proven principles for church growth?

• Receive wisdom from Pastor Glen Berteau’s many years of success.
• Gain valuable support and insight from The House Modesto staff pastors.
• Obtain national and international TV promotion for your church.
• Benefit from successful mentors through monthly, live video coaching.
• Acquire access to on-demand leadership training.
• Receive encouragement and support from pastors within The House Network of Churches.
• Have first access to SEU Nor Cal campus graduates available for hire within your ministry.



  • For Senior Pastors Only