Kidspace Childrens Ministry

Kidspace offers dynamic praise and worship, inspirational Biblical teaching, Scripture memorization, service opportunities for children, relational small group time, games, dramas, prize give-a-ways and much more. Each week we aim to provide a safe, fun and creative atmosphere to help your child grow in their Christian Faith.

We are called to partner with parents to empower a new generation. We pray your child will shine like stars in a crooked and warped generation (Phil 2:14-16) and experience the three P’s:

Purpose – Your child will find purpose and meaning in their life.

Power – Your child will be empowered by the Holy Spirit to live for God.

Potential – Your child would maximize their potential beginning at an early age.

Special Needs Service:

The Kidspace Special Needs Service is a loving environment for any child with special needs, where they are nurtured and taught about God by a specialized and dedicated leadership team. Our leadership team is made up of dedicated volunteers that work with special needs children as a profession and then come and volunteer their time here at Kidspace to further help children with special needs.

During our service, children will engage in vibrant worship that is geared towards children with special needs, listen to a visual and interactive teaching, participate in a tactile and stimulating craft, and have play time in our 5 level playland structure or our inflatable jump house.

Currently this special needs service is held on the last Saturday of each month during our Saturday evening 6:00 PM service. This will give you, as a parent, the opportunity to join our main service while your child is enjoying their own service geared towards them!

For more information, to book a party, or special event, please call (209) 338.0501

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