For almost two decades, The Crest Men’s Advance has challenged and empowered men with the love and power of Jesus Christ. Multiple churches, multiple denominations, men from a variety of different backgrounds, The Crest is truly a ‘Body of Christ’ event. Men from all over the country make a point every year to be a part of this movement, and we hope you choose to come this year. The dates for our 2018 Crest Men’s Advance are set for November 8-10 at Jenness Park. Once again we will meet in the hills of Northern California, expecting God to show up and change every man that attends. Registration is underway and if you get in by August 1, you will do so at our discounted rate. To receive your early-bird discount and register for The Crest 2018, click here.

Crest 2018 Speaker line-up to be announced soon.


Back for the second year in a row, Pat Schatzline is a leading communicator, author, and evangelist to students and adults around the world. Pat and his wife Karen co-founded Remnant Ministries International and the Remnant School of Ministry. Together they have ministered to over 2 million people as he has traveled the globe ministering at churches, conferences, camps, retreats, and universities. He authored an award-winning book, Why is God So Mad at Me? and another book titled I Am Remnant. He is known for his crazy humor, unique ability to communicate God’s word with passion and illustrations, and most of all, for his deep desire to see a generation of adults and youth experience God’s amazing love and power. We are excited to have him back at The Crest!



To say that Nate has the D.N.A of his father would be an understatement. This former college football athlete is helping lead one of the most dynamic youth movements in the country. He speaks at youth camps and conferences around the globe, but also has a passion to speak into the lives of men. Nate and his wife Adrienne are a power-packed couple for the Kingdom and we are honored to have him pour into every man at The Crest.



Toby is the Men’s Pastor of The House Modesto and Director of Kingdom Men Ministries. His passion to see men have their “Never Go Back Moment” through experiencing God’s life-changing presence and love is contagious. Kingdom Men is becoming one of the premiere men’s ministries in the country and God is expanding its territory on a global level. With his honest, straight-forward approach, he will challenge and encourage you to become the man he knows God wants you to be. Pastor Toby has been married to his wife Kristin for 20 years and has three beautiful children in Micah, Zachary and the pride of his life, his daughter Bella Grace.


Crest 2018 Breakout Sessions to be announced soon.

‘How to Cultivate Your Kingdom Woman’
with special guest Karen Schatzline

This will be one breakout session you won’t forget anytime soon.
We are so excited to have Karen as our first female speaker at
The Crest. She is going to give you insight into the mind and heart
of a woman, equipping you to be a better, more well-rounded,
Kingdom Man for your Kingdom Woman. Karen is a celebrated
author, in-demand speaker who, with her husband Pat Schatzline,
founded Remnant Ministries International.

‘Marriage in Crisis’
with Pastor Tom Smith

Having walked through the storms of a failing marriage and coming out of it bigger and better, Pastor Tom Smith is the perfect man to teach men how to turn around their ‘Marriage in Crisis.’ Whether you are in the middle of your storm or want to prevent it from ever happening, this is the session for you. Pastor Tom is the Marriage and Family Pastor at The House Modesto.

‘You Are Not a Failure’
with Pastor Joey Macias

Every man has failed in some capacity but the men who get back up after that failure are the ones that go on to do great things. Pastor Joey Macias is that man. This breakout session has been designed for anyone who is still struggling with a past failure and it’s preventing you from what God has for your future. We predict this session will be a game-changer for everyone who attends. Pastor Joey is the Student Life Director at SEU Nor-Cal; a branch campus of South Eastern University.

‘How to become a Soul-Winner’
with Pastor Rich Villafana

Jesus told all of us, not some of us, to preach the gospel, but for some reason many have the bought the lie that winning souls isn’t for everyone. In this session, not only will you learn why it’s so important to lead people to their salvation through Jesus, but you’ll be shown how to do this effectively. Rich Villafana has been leading people to the Lord now for years and has a passion to teach men how to do the same. Rich is a powerful street evangelist, Assimilation Pastor and Kingdom Men Ministries leader at The House Modesto.

Event Itinerary

Thursday, Nov 8

04:00 PM – Registration Opens
06:00 PM – Dinner
08:00 PM – Session I
10:00 PM – Late Night Free Time
11:00 PM – Soaking Session #1


Friday, Nov 9

07:00 AM – Early Coffee
08:00 AM – Breakfast
09:00 AM – Morning Prayer Walk (meet on field in front of Dining hall)
10:00 AM – Session II
11:30 AM – One-on-One
01:00 PM – Lunch
02:00 PM – Afternoon Free Time
03:30 PM – Breakout Sessions
04:45 PM – Breakout Sessions
06:00 PM – Dinner
08:00 PM – Session IV
11:00 PM – Soaking Session #2

Saturday, Nov 10

07:00 AM – Early Coffee
08:00 AM – Breakfast
09:00 AM – Morning Prayer Walk (meet on field in front of Dining Hall)
10:00 AM – Q&A Panel / Closing comments
11:00 AM – Testimony Time
12:00 PM – Check Out
01:00 PM – Communion / Closing Ceremony at Pinecrest Lake


**Itinerary subject to change due to weather



Sleeping bag, pillow, soap, shampoo, clothes suitable for cold weather (possibly snow), good pair of walking shoes, or boots, bible, notebook, earplugs if you don’t want to hear other men snore, flashlight, extra money to spend on snacks, a good attitude and an open heart ready to receive something life-changing from God.