Learn The Word

This ministry is designed for those who are searching to really know the Lord and understand His Word. Learn the Word is a systematic study of each book of the Bible, with attention given to every verse and chapter. It is relevant to the new believer and the one who has studied the Word for a lifetime. Each week you will be given outline of the current study, an opportunity to discuss ideas with others and Biblical principles that apply to the uniqueness of your life.

We meet in the Fellowship Hall at 7 PM each Wednesday evening. This is the place to get connected with others, make lasting friendships and grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord.

Learn the Word is led by Pastor Connie Pack, a seasoned Bible teacher, missionary to 35 nations, and current radio host / teacher of Knowing The Word which broadcasts the Good News by radio to 150 nations daily. When you join the Learn the Word class, you are participating in a ministry that is broadcast by satellite and on F.M. and A.M. stations around the world. You can obey Jesus’ instructions to call of us in Mark 16:15, “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation” when you gather with us each week.


Grief Share

If you’ve lost someone close to you, or know someone who has, please call us to find out more information about our weekly Grief Share seminars / support group. We know it hurts and we want to help. Use the form on this page or contact the church office at 209-529-7346 ext. 315 for more information.

Knitting Together in Love

Do you enjoy knitting or would you like to learn how? If so, please come join us every Saturday at 9 AM in room 116, as we knit items and donate them to those in need.

Missions Trips

For over 34 years, Pastor Connie has been leading teams on Missions Trips to the Holy Land and all over the world. If interested in joining her on a furture trip, please contact the church office at 209-529-7346 ext. 315 for more information.

Rest Homes

Volunteers are needed for our Rest Home Ministry. We meet at various rest homes in the Modesto area on Sunday mornings and Thursday afternoon. Contact the church office at 209-529-7346 ext. 315 for more information about how you can get involved.

Knowing the Word

Pastor Connie Pack’s daily radio station and podcast ministry, which is broadcast to 150 nations with simple, clear, systematic Bible teaching. For more detail check out knowingtheword.com

Pastoral Care

Hospital Visits: If you or a loved one are hospitalized and would like a visit, please contact the church office at 209-529-7346 ext. 315.

Funerals: Pastoral care with a funeral or memorial service for those who have lost a loved one. Contact the church office at 209-529-7346 ext. 315 for more information.

Meeting Times & Location:

LEARN THE WORD (Adult Bible Study)
Wednesdays at 7PM in the Fellowship Hall Child Care Available

GRIEF SHARE (Comfort and care for those left grieving) Call ext. 315
Tursdays at 7PM in the Visitor’s Lounge No child care available

Saturday at 9AM in Room 116 No child care available

Contact Learn The Word: