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Victory should not be attained by the sacrifice of character. Our goal is to instill in our young athletes the strength to aim for the win, but no matter the score at the end of the day, finish like a team. Each young athlete will push himself to reach his or her maximum potential. Whether a soccer player, a softball player, or a baseball player, they are going to accomplish more than they ever anticipated.

A place where relationships are built and skill is developed, this is the place where your child will feel welcome and a vital part of the team. No exclusions, no foul play, all in a safe, equal environment. When they are running across the field, or hitting a homerun, they will feel like a champion. Our team will have conquered as a team.


2018 Men’s & Co-ed Softball League is here! Baseball Registration will start March 3 thru March 25.  Season begins first week of April 16. Co-ed Softball = $115, Men’s Softball = $125. Player gets THM Baseball Cap and Jersey. On Line registration is available at
T-Ball/Softball/Baseball & Little Steps Baseball Registration will start January 2nd & go through the end of January. $105 for T-Ball, $135 for Softball & Baseball & $75 for Little Steps Baseball. Season begins first week of March. On Line registration is available at

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