House Groups are small gathering with one purpose: to bring people together. We believe God created us to live in relationship with others and only then can we live the full life He intends for us. Sharing life through community is part of our design, but meaningful relationships aren’t always easy to find. That’s why House Groups exist—to make these life-changing relationships relevant and accessible to you.


At The House, we believe we’re not a church that does Groups, but more of a church of Groups! The fellowship, community, and growth that happens in House Groups is irreplaceable. God did not intend for us to do this life alone. Check out our online House Groups for yourself below and sign up!

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Our group leaders are making a difference in lives of people every year! When you become a leader, our training will equip you with everything you need to get started. Plus, you can fill your group personally or connect with others looking for a group through the Find A Group search option.

We believe God created us to live in relationship with Him and with each other. This is why we created House Groups. From living room Bible studies, coffee shop hang-outs, time in the gym, or time on the golf course, spiritual or practical, there is a House Group for you. Here at The House, you will find groups for men, women, families, couples, youth and more. Join a House Group and let the adventure of doing life together with people who love the same things you do begin.

Host a Group

We are so thankful for the families who are hosting House Groups throughout the area. Having a comfortable place to meet is essential in forming the best environment for people to grow relationally. When you host a group, your gift of hospitality creates the place where families can do life together.

Lead a Group

Leading a House Group takes planning. Before you begin your group, ask: Why am I leading this group? Where do I want it to go? How do I plan to get there?

Once you have prayed about it and decide to lead a group, follow these simple steps:

1)  Register as a Group Leader/Co Leader by clicking the button below

2)  Attend our Leader Interest Meeting on Jan. 14th

3)  Attend our Leader Realm Training on Jan. 22nd

4)  Start your House Group!


House Groups are an exciting way for you to meet and connect with others at The House! By meeting in homes across the area, House Groups provide a fun-filled, relaxing environment for people to engage in meaningful relationships by doing life together. House Groups are focused on building relationships, growing together in your walk with God and praying for one another. They make a big church feel small!

House Groups give us the opportunity to do ‘church’ all throughout our city and meet people right where they are.

Small groups are a key aspect of our church community. Most meet weekly in the home of a group member (usually the leader’s home). We try to keep them limited to about 12 people. If you can’t find an open group, please let us know!

Most groups have snacks or dinner each week so typically the group will begin by enjoying some good food. Then you would move into a time of talking about Sunday’s sermon or special topic followed by praying for one another’s needs. Groups also plan fun activities together such as Miniature Golf, Bowling, Basketball, Board Games, etc.

House Group discussions are either centered on the current Sunday sermon at THE HOUSE or on a specific topic of choice.
There are groups where children are welcome. When inquiring about a group, you can ask the leader how their group organizes with children.

Our goal at THE HOUSE is to help you find meaningful relationships in which you can grow. We understand that it may take checking out two or three different groups to find the right fit. With that in mind, we encourage you to give each group a few weeks before trying a new one. It usually takes a few weeks for people to break the ice and begin connecting.