Update: March 18, 2020

House Family,

This is an unprecedented time for our nation and the church. However, we are not worried because God has been in complete control. The House will continue to remain mindful and considerate of regulations set in place by our government, remaining confident, and faith-filled.

As we navigate these times together, our staff is searching for new ways to serve you best. How can we stay connected? How can we encourage you? How can we help you? Simply text us at 209-205-9027 or email us at info@thehousemodesto.com.

It is important to understand that the church was never a building, and like you, we miss meeting with everyone! Be encouraged that we will not retreat during this time but engage even more. Stay up to date via our text messages and social media pages.

We know that the best is yet to come,
Pastors Glen and Deborah Berteau
Senior Pastors