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Many know my story, my son Jesse still needs prayer for his addictions. Jesse is a 31 yr old veteran w/PTSD, he battles co-dependency, meth, alcohol, and now he started heroin, it’s been a 10 years battle. Jesse feels lost, worthless, he said he lost his identity, and he does not finish what he starts, he has a religious spirit, he is rebellious. We let Jesse come home about 30 times, and he steals and lies to us over and over. We took him to the VA and begged him to get help with the VA and he refuses. He is spiraling out of control, and his mind is in danger. We took him to rehab 3 times and he left. He said he is waiting to die. He grow up in Assemblies of God church until he left the home and went to the ARMY. Pastor Glen told me he needs rehab no other options. We tried over and over, even begging him. We don’t know what else to do Jesse refuses rehab. We pray, fast and love him. It’s taking a toll on my family and work. I believe Jesus is going to rescue him out of this, and Jesus is working in the background. Jesse 6 yr old is seeing this and she begs him to get clean. I’m scared Jesse will OD or hurt himself. I’m in Beautiful Warriors and been faithful with my sisters. I tithe faithfully. I feel I need maybe counseling to get direction in what to do, because we can’t do it alone anymore. Jesus rescue Jesse from himself.

Thank you for standing in faith and in war for Jesse.

In His Service


Received: July 9, 2020