This is the money plan for real life.

Money is a God-given gift that’s meant to be stewarded . . .
not stressed over!

That’s why you need to take back control of your money. And with a practical plan, you can. How? We’re giving you (yes, you!) a free membership to Ramsey+, the plan that will help you do things like pay off all of your debt, have cash on hand for emergencies, save your money, and build wealth for the future you want. It’s time to learn how money actually works and start stewarding it the way God wants you to. Start your free Ramsey+ membership today!

Sign your family up for Ramsey+ and start your journey toward financial peace.

where do i start?

We've made it really easy! Just follow these instructions:

1. Learn about your Ramsey+ account

2. Learn how to activate your account:

3. Use this link to create your account:

4. Save ths link to use to log in to your account:

Set up your account using the link below. This will give you a year of access to Ramsey+ through our church’s site license.

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